pannsie's Journal

Hello, and welcome to Pannsie's journal! Please keep hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times, as Pannsie can at times become emotionally unstable, and has been known to throw plastic Venusaurs at those who get too close.
To your left you will see Pannsie's DeviantART, which is a haven of her plush creations, along with various sub standard drawings. Now, further along you can see Pannsie's Twitter. Most people become excited, as they may get to see progress shots of what Pannsie is currently working on, but are usually disappointed to discover 140 character posts about mundane occurrences in her every day life.
Over to your right, you can see a newer addition to the Pannsie tour, which is her very own Tumblr! Here you can see Pannsie's true passions for stupid pictures shine through, along with more text posts about her mundane life. Finally, you can see coming up ahead one of the main attractions, Pannsie's collection website "The Sunny Clearing". We'll stop here so you all can peruse images and descriptions of Pannsie's main collections, which include Venusaur, Huntail, and Dunsparce, along with pages dedicated to her side collections, wants, and affiliated collection sites.
Thank you very much for coming on the Pannsie tour! Unfortunately there are no free t-shirts at the end of this trip, as Pannsie is now too poor to deal with that shit. We hope you enjoy your stay!